Coming Out: TGI/ENBY+ Group

1. Welcome to this transformative journey! We want to meet you where you're at.
2. You and only you decide how you navigate this journey and at what pace.
3. The group is a safe & brave space for you.
4. You'll find your community, your chosen family at the Social Network Groups including this one.

We typically ask our participants to stay with us for a period of 3-6 months depending upon the support you need. However, it is completely up to you how long you attend the Coming Out Groups. We ask that you not share the information for this group unless they would like to become participants, and, in that instance please refer them to: [email protected] The group is there for you on a weekly basis. The following link will take you to the online workbook for this group: Coming Out Workbook

Feel free to explore it and use it as you see best. It is full of exploratory questions, guides, resources and a list of positive LGBTQ+ media compiled by volunteer facilitators. They include wonderful representations of our community as well as educational material and podcasts.

Welcome to the Coming Out Group! Feel free, at any time, to reach out in regard to any questions, concerns or if you need to be directed to other Los Angeles LGBT Center resources.


Cain Andrade
Coordinator; Social Network Groups